"SHIT", without a doubt, is one of the most flexible words in the English language. This book is one of the funniest (and even educational) explorations of one of the most used words (about 28.3 million times a day worldwide) ever!

The word "shit" is so fluid and dynamic, that the guidelines in this book may not even hold up over time, but it is hoped that it is more than just a shitty first attempt. Click here to see a preview of what to experience in this unusual documentation.

Topics Covered: All related to this 4-letter word.

Actions, Adjectives, Animals, Capitalism, Common Senses, Drugs, Exclamations, Emotions, Fecalities, Food, Geography, Give-and-Take, Grammar, History, "Holy Shit", Just for Kicks, Kingergerten, Nouns, People, Phrases and Quotes, Random Shit and "Why Shit"?


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