Department of FUNOLOGY

Looking at life through a "sprained angle" is the best way to describe our founder's approach
to the daily goings-on around him. Dr. Jeff is a family physician who founded Sprained Angles
Department of Funology in which he labors to bring his quixotic creations to life.

It all started with our illustrious founder's fascination with magic, and well, small rubber chickens that seemed to attract the ladies. While Dr. Jeff is a fairly likeable guy to his patients, he has a reputation of driving the Sprained Angles staff too hard. One staff member complained that he felt like a chicken with its head cut off. Dr. Jeff thought that he was exaggerating slightly and showed him exactly what it would be like to be a chicken with its head cut off, much to the chagrin of fellow staffers (see left photo). Leadership like that is hard to come by, but sometimes difficult decisions must be made and adhered to.

A rare insider's glimpse of our high-tech world headquarters, where the magic happens!

Despite the inference from the picture to the right, there is no significant lying down on the job. Workers are, however, permitted to catch quick rest break when the boss isn't looking...

Sprained Angles Corporate Headquarters                     Carlsbad, CA                         760-445-6487