More Benefits You Should Know:

No maintenance required:
  • The steel bar/chicken piece is designed to be pulled apart from the horseshoe magnet for demonstration purposes. Industrial strength super glue holds the little sucker onto the bar. In the highly unlikely chance that the darn chicken falls off, just use your brain and glue it back in place.
  • Don't abuse your chicken! If you happen to break or lose it, they're so 'cheep' just order another one for Pete's sake!
  • The Original Chick Magnet is versatile and can be accessorized for special occasions by replacing the leather cord with something equally as tacky.
Other uses for the Original ChickMagnet:
  • Burn up calories while wearing/carrying the Original Chick Magnet around your neck all day long and/or when you're beating off the chicks with a stick. [Note: it's not nice - and in some cases may be illegal - to hit chicks with sticks unless they're consenting adults...]
  • In the Office: Use it for a paperweight.
  • Instead of a compass, why not hang The Original Chick Magnet from your rear view mirror - hey, they're both magnetic and everyone knows that guys never ask for directions anyway.
  • Be a pest: Annoy your friends and co-workers by repeatedly reminding them throughout the day that "Hey, you're in the presence of a chick magnet!" [Be aware that this is not without some risk as The Original Chick Magnet cord can also be used by said friends and co-workers to choke the sh*t out of you in return.]
Warnings that are dictated by Law:

The Alnico Magnet is strong in that it has a whopping 2 pounds of 'pull-et'! Keep The Original ChickMagnet away from your doggone credit cards and other magnetic-sensitive objects such as pacemakers. After all, we donít want your heart fluttering around unless you're with a cool chick.

'Parts is Parts': The Original ChickMagnet is small with small parts, so keep it away from young children...yadda, yadda, yadda.

[Note: always practice safe sex. Sprained Angles bears no responsibility for any STD's contracted through the use of any of our products.]


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